Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

wish people won't display the chassis plate on ebay :(

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Saves us asking and often being knocked back.

That looks like a reasonable start to a project, more like a P21 than a Phaeton though.

AND its got Veglia Borletti instruments which need the senders from the engine for oil pressure and temperature, water temp etc... hope he took them out otherwise the instruments are pretty useless.

That chassis number should be a 1984 kit, which would make it an S3 wouldn't it, but the 'overriders' must have been removed when it was converted to a 5 link rear end.

What's going on with that back axle? Looks like someone has added extra metalwork for some reason.

Also he claims that it is 6" wider but it doesn't look that to me. The wheel arches look a little different but surely not 3" each side?

Hmm, it needs an engine and gearbox. In my garage I have an engine and gearbox ... I must not even think about it!

At least it's still got a Dutton body on it (the moulded in back bumper and front shock supports, should be S4/P21 check rogers)

Did you notice the badges on the boot... 16V and Cosworth....wonder if that was bought just for the engine and some ex dutton owner is now crying in his beer..

Car pictured is a s3 with blended in rear bumper

Rear Atlas axel so (unless its a baby atlas) would make it 4"wider than a standard Escort, with the offset on those wheels he has his 6"

standard s3 bumper finishes almost flush with the wheel arch, looks about a 3 " extension each side (and very well done) he has also round the edge of the arch round to make it deeper and hide the "up in the air" look of the rear end

The "metalwork" on the rear axel is streghening normally done for a fully floating Atlas. Mega money if it is ! and looking at the pics (some of the worst ever) you see the cross bracing across the front of the chassis in front of the rad shows its been built by someone who knows what they are doing

Twin break fluid reservoir and braded brake hoses ect

Would love to know what the front hubs and brakes are ? my betting is there is still a lot of expensive kit on the car and its a LOT more desirable to the rally boys than a standard escort and they are going to be all over it and its going for serious money 

I thought that those front shock mounts were S4 Rob as they are the short turret with eyelet fitting like a shortened version of the Legerra mounts.

You're right about the other bits though and if it did have a 16V cossie engine it would be needing some decent brakes. Yet another one thats worth more in bits than as a whole car, it will keep changing hands until all the good bits are gone and then some muppet will try using the reg on a new build and we're back to that old chestnut.

Just the fact it's sitting in a workshop tells me it was probably robbed of its engine not far from where it's sitting right now. Crying shame that much work gets destroyed so quickly once it's sold.

2 type of shock mount on a s3, this is the mk2
Carried over to the s4 which went on to have 3 different types

So far I've seen at least three different types of top mount on the front of Phaeton S3. A lot depended on what type of dampers TDW could get for the 'right price' at the time and/or who was making the chassis as they had more that one supplier I believe

My bad, its the same as my S4 chassis. What else marks the difference between an S3 and S4 as I'd like to find out if my P21 body will fit or if I'm going to have to make new body supports.

Several difference's but main one is forward leaf spring mounts "flared" out to give more cockpit internal space
That's why the side panels on s4 body flare out more and doesn't have a step in the side like a s3

you seen "high" mounts on a s3 vern ? have only seen the welded in round Triumph mount and the "low" mount on the top rail.

thought that carried over onto the s4, which then went to a higher mount and the last s4 an legs finished with the tower and the damper on the top wishbone and to the side of the tower in single shear

So the last of the S4's had the same design as the S2 Legerra?

This was the front setup on my s4 that Jason now owns


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