Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

wish people won't display the chassis plate on ebay :(

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I did wonder about the blurry photo's, seems strange that a dealer produces poor quality pictures.........unless he meant too

So, you take a 16v cosworth engine and box out of a car and leave the atlas... what on earth did he hook it upto that could have been better?


If it really did have a LSD in there it was a cheap car

floating axel with lsd an strengthening plate in basic spec with no uprated half shafts/disc conversion ect is min £1500

Know what the add said but if the owner actually checked it was a LSD or not ???

who knows

Mind you "cheap" things usually end up costing you !

Just been up to Newcastle to pick up a set of "cheap" seats and some other bits from a guy breaking a Melos to fit in my s3

I only bought them as they had green piping to match the colour of the car !

As I already have a pair of proper cobra 7,s for my s4 and know these don't fit made sure the green cobra 7 style ones had been fitted

"yep fit perfect mate" Pity I didn't ask him if it was 5 linked ! cos it had been an that's why the seats fit so well !

After an hour in the garage muttering and swearing the plan now is

1-fit new mk1 pedal box with twin internal balance adjustable M/cylinders

2-five link the axel so I can fit the seat in the best position for the pedals an allow adjustment

3-since my feet and arse are now in different positions im also going to fit the sierra steering shaft and switches an since im doing that the cars going to get the flat "7" style dash an new instruments

aaaaaah cheap seats

Yup, I know that sort of 'savings', my garage is full of them.


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