Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Since I first started using the 2k paint system on the Phaeton I have been more and more impressed with it, and am now fully converted. This paint is ideal for fiberglass ..... especially our old Dutton body moldings. The pictures below are of the bit of masking tape that was stopping paint going through the fuel filler hole into the boot, so on the tape are all 7 coats of paint. Now whats interesting is just how flexible it is, I can roll it around and bend it back and forth, with no effect on the paint at all, perfect for wobbly fiberglass panels!

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Impressive. Think I'll be bearing this in mind when reach that stage.

Good to know that, mine has been on the car 12 years and is starting to crack. I have found some areas have lifted, always in the folds and creases, probably due to poor adhesion, preparation, way back when.

No idea, the guy who did it was a pro though, and he was air fed in a bay which was airtight, but it was a long time ago, and was done for free. I will just tart up for the summer, then try to get someone to paint it.

I expect that I haven't been paying attention but what is 2k paint? Is it easy to mix and spray or is it difficult and toxic?

option B very toxic

3 weeks in bed with breathing problems, still have asthma nearly 30 years on. I wasn't spraying, just stood chatting in the workshop while a guy at the other side of the workshop sprayed. 2K was new and not to many folk worried about H&S in them days. Wasn't until I was back at work that a professional sprayer told me to go back to the Doctors and get checked for Isocyanate poisoning. Sure enough that work it was. Now I am sensitived to Isocyanates, not to bad these days, but back then, Auto Trader, all the Sunday papers used Isocyanate based inks. I had to wear latex gloves to read Auto Trader.
Dangerous stuff for the DIYselfer, be careful .
Just realised I used the word Latex, Daryl will be getting hot under the collar.

I cant wear latex only neoprene, Oh, and the odd bit of spandex when the mood strikes :-))

martin you know the bar you made to support the hood that will do the job


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