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I'm looking to lower the rear of my dutton Sierra buy 4". I've got 2" lowering blocks for the springs and shortened hangers for the back. But it's still not enough has anybody got any advise on what else I can do.


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Are you doing anything with the front fixing of the leaf spring?

I haven't yet but any suggestions would be gladly received. The front end is bang on the back end hmmm not so much. If I can't get it down to where I want I will do a coilover conversion on the back ( similar to the phaeton ).

You can get the rear springs recamberd

I was looking into recabered leaf springs but the expens dosent suit me. I can spend slightly more and four link the rear end and coilovers (what I already have) just need a four link kit. Thanks for the suggestion though like I said I did look into it. 


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