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I have an A Series engine  that has a breathing issue , like its blowing oil out through the sump end seal gaskets both ends , at some time someone has used an unvented timing chain cover , I now have fitted an oil catch tank and vented the sump the where the mechanical fuel pump was piped to the tank also vented the rocker box cover , Unknown to me at the time the original Sprite engine was replaced with a block from an early  Morris bloody Marina unit  !!! ,they ran a closed breather system which fed back into the air filter however I cant do that with a side draught Dellorto . Now my question is should I put a PCV valve into the pipework to the catchtank

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Hi Daryl,

If you're not using the PCV system then the valve won't work as they usually require manifold vacuunm to stay open. I guess the problem you have is the sprite would have had removable 'tappet' chest covers and one usually had a breather stub on it. The Marina block is stronger than previous because they deleted the above mentioned covers. Add a breather to the timing case cover - some A35's and Moggie minors had these I believe and also use the mech pump position if you are not using the mech pump. With another breather on the rocker box feed all these into a catch tank with a large opening. If you use a sealed catch can then make sure there is a large exit pipe and don't use one of those silly k&n type catch tank breathers as they just block any airflow and your back to oil blowing out of every gap or orifice it can find.

Thanks BV I will give it a whirl , the rate it was pushing out oil was staggering 

Well the A Series runs a treat now with no  forced oil leaks , had to put a new  rad on because the original leaked once  up to temp  


What was the cure?

Crankcase and rocker cover breathers 

Glad you got it sorted

Yes thanks BV , hopefully should be quite lively ,  Its running a 286 Kent cam ,polished and ported Cooper S big valve head  ,DHLA 45 etc  ,it all runs a treat now , Just need to keep it out of the ditches because its on the original Triumph rear end well lowered of course 


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