Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Remember it ebay 163017838992

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Ade has enough duttons lol. He can't have all of them I want a few ;-)

No more room until I shift one or two of the others on :(

Lol I've got plenty of room to fill up with a few cars... Think I'm gonna have to sell my van to make a bit more room...

It would be a shame to cut it up but I know the reg and VIN :) just in case there is any funny business with the seller.

It's the distance that kills me for that one...I need another Sierra but I don't know how I would collect it...plus I'm working on buying a phaeton as we speak..

oh dear jay has the bug. no hope now pal. you will have a full set in no time lol

Yes Brian but not silly enough to buy a Noddy -:

Dunno yet I like the wee melos. Its defo gonna be a phaeton next but a could definitely go a Melos.

Fraid so mate. I don't think the leggera is for me. But I do like the Phaeton and the Melos. 

S1 or S2 Phaetons have more room for the power plant but OMG a Noddy  !!!!!! 

It would prefer a s1 because of the rear suspension set up. It's way better than the later leaf springs. Leaf springs are for horse drawn carts and vans lol.

The Leggy works well for those that have issues getting in and out of the fixed body style of car, any of the 7's, Phaeton, B types, Melos etc but it does rely on you being able to bend your knees. 


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