Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

I have a set of four of these - 

I haven't really looked at them or even measured them but they look to be 15x7 or 15x8. I'll be happy to check them on the wheel balancer as soon as I can get to it but this is very much 'WYSIWYG' .

At least one rim will need a hubcentric adaptor to fit a ford as the wheel bolt holes are slightly oval.

If anyone is interested I'll wobble em up and measure them. 

Make me an offer on all four...

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I've also got a set of tail lights listed on ebay. Taking full advantage of the fact that they are genuine ford parts too...

Feel free to have a laugh at the price...291809980876 If they don't sell then they will be going in XSC.

More stuff...

Set of ally wheels on retro rides, for details follow the LINK>


They look very nice (but I have over 20 spare wheels). They are 'wheel-porn'.

There's no hope for people like you Mr Doulton

I sold 7 wheels, then bought 4 wheels. Problem is I can't find space for the 4 I bought. I am painting them in the garage doorway. No idea where I stored the other wheels. Guess I must have bought more spares / junk in the meantime, and now run out of space.

Hmmm, last count I had 6 7 sets of four, two sets of five and umpteen RS 4 spokes ... that's without counting steelies or wellers... :( I forgot those 5 spokes ...

So Ade, you have got those wheels that are against the Peugeot in the picture or are they in Scotland, like it says in the PH posting?

Sadly no, they are in Scotland as described in the advert.

More stuff.

I now carry the following items in stock at the shop.     

TRW brake pads for type 16 calipers     

245mm front single discs.     

front wheel bearing kits.    

Pinto and crossflow water pumps     

Fram oil filters for both pinto and crossflow     

Gates cambelts for pinto's     

Std metric flexi hoses     

TCA's mk1, mk2 escort and all capri's     

one or two crossflow timing chains with adjusters     

as usual there are probably things i've forgotten :(     

I have also arranged to obtain sets of poly bushes starting with the triumph small bushes and i'll add the ford ones later so they will be dutton specific sets.

One thing I haven't found a source for is maxi ball joints but i'm working on it.

thats great ade :-)

Are those original ones in this thread Peugeot wheels?

The 15" 5 spokes are TRW or TSW i think, seem to remember something like that on the flip side.


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