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Hi - I have a Dutton Phaeton with an RS2000 2.0 litre pinto engine in. It has a webber 32/36 carb manual choke in but is running very roughly. The car starts ok and runs ok in lower rev range but as soon as you press the throttle it splutters and bogs. If it is in 4th gear and I rev it goes through the lower range but as the revs build it again splutters. The situation is improved if when this happens I pull the manual choke out then the car takes off like a rocket. I need to set up the timing advance but dont know what to set it too. I have it set to 10 degrees BTDC but no improvement. Also has anyone any suggestions for setting the carb - I have done a fair bit of reading and tried to set up the lean best idle adjustment but the car is still running like a pig. Any suggestions as to where to go with this would be greatly appreciated.

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I assume that the fuel pump is okay and the fuel filter is facing the right way?

The fuel pump is working OK... And I think the filter is on the right way, ie fuel does go through ok

pulling the choke and its off like a rocket ?suggests either not enough fuel or too much air 

check all your hoses and vacuum lines servo pipes etc anything connected to the inlet manifold intake even the manifold gasket and faces are flush etc not unheard of for a carb base gasket to be warped or split or a gauge/hose split

if all good then its carb cleaning and gasket check in there 

hows it come about ? done anything to the car recently at all ?

Right - so I managed to a bit of work on the car tonight and here is what i found. I checked the direction of the fuel filter (in the photo) and found it was in the wrong way - swapped it round.

Then I took the air filter off and operated the throttle through its full range - I saw on the primary, fuel was squirted into the carb barrel but when i continued up the throttle range where it should enter the secondary phase no fuel was squirted out into the carb from the secondary side. I started to dismantle the carb and found the float chamber was quite gunked up with residue on the bottom of the chamber. I removed the jets from the bottom of the chamber and found one of them quite blocked.

So my plan for the weekend is to remove the carb and do a total stripdown and clean. Hopefully this is some way on sorting the problem....I will post my results as soon as I have it running again.

It sounds like you have found something there, and certainly enough to cause the symptoms you were having. I think you are just a couple of hours work away from having a really good blast and getting a big 'Dutton' grin!

Jets have such small holes its easy to get a blockage even with a decent filter.

I stripped down the carb last night and gave it all a good clean out and blasted through the jets and holes with air. Quite a lot of gunk and residue especially in the float chamber. I found that the secondary butterfly wasn't opening at all and was stuck in the barrel - probably the cause of the poor running along with the general condition of the carb. All put back together now and just setting up the best lean idle and timing again. I did also replace the timing belt yesterday as the other looked a bit old and worn. Bit of a nightmare when i realised the belt wasn't tensioned enough when i was dry turning it by spanner and had slipped on the auxiliary pulley - I had to reset all the timing marks again and refit it from scratch. All seems OK for now so i am going to fiddle with the carb mixture screws and try and get it smoothed out ready for a test. 

With the Pinto running the standard cam, the valves can't hit the pistons even if the cam is completely wrongly timed. So the worst that can happen is that it doesn't work.

OK so I got the engine running and set the best lean idle - 2 turns out on the mixture screw and 1 1/2 turns on the idle speed screw on the throttle. I set the advance to 8 degrees. The engine started but i had to put a bit of throttle on to get it going and had to hold a bit of throttle on to keep it ticking over. It wont run smoothly at all at the moment and has some flat spots when i rev it. I will persevere with  altering the timing and redoing the baseline mixture settings to get it to run smoothly again.

I would put money on the inlet manifold gasket leaking , has it ever run properly since you have had it Glenn

No it hasn't run properly yet. I don't think it has ever been set up so I am having to do it all for the first time since the engine was refurbed. I have got it ticking over but it is lumpy sounding and there is a definite flat spot in the revs where it just seems to cut out then pick up again and then goes on to rev through the top of the range. I have set the timing at about 10 degrees - any less than that it gets worse. The plugs are now black and sooty whereas they were white before so running rich (you can smell fuel in the exhaust too). The idle mixture screw doesnt seem to do much when i adjust it except cuts out when fully in....any more ideas much appreciated.

Glenn what sort of top pully do you have , standard Pinto or an adjustable Vernier pully if in doubt post a picture


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