Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

This should put the cat amongst the pigeons!

Are Dutton's Classic Cars? Going by the age I think they are, and maybe it's time to be looking at the Classic car shows as runs out as well as the usual Kit Car shows.

As the Northern Duttoneer's we always have a display stand at the Lancashire Classic Car and Bike show, and last weekend we visited The Cheshire Classic Car show at Capesthorne Hall, Macclesfield. They were both Grand day's out.

It's just the Kit Car shows seem to be catering for more up to date Kits costing umpteen thousands of pound, and fields full of Caterhams, Cobra etc. At Stoneleigh this year I thought it was a poor turn out, not just of Dutton's but everything including trade stands.

Just a look in the Classic Car weekly events page, there are loads of local shows and autojumbles in all areas of the country. There no need to travel hundreds of miles to a show, you never know you may pick up some bargin parts as well, and it gets your Dutton noticed.

Is it time to put on the flat cap (no comment about whippets please Daryl) and join the Classic Car brigade.

Your comments I am sure will flood in.


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You are so right Tom, good to know the feelings are the same over there. We will have to plan a tour across to you or you guys come and meet our English country lanes.

Hi Dave,

3 month ago, we start a trip to goodwood with 5 Dutton. [1xAluminim build, 1x S1, 2x S4, 1x S2] 1x CLK, 1ML, 1x Hunday with trailer. We have a good time in the south of England. And have see many friendly english people.

So we think about to start a new tripp next year. And we hope to meet some Dutton Owners next year. :-)))  Specially Dave the green "Dutton Screwer" :-)

We are also delighted about every Dutton owner from England. For a nice exit onto German streets.

dear greetings



Keep an eye on the Northern Duttoneers on here  or our website for our next tour of the Lakes early April 2012.

 www.thenorthernduttoneers.com for our tour diaries.

Hi Dave,
your site is very interesting and shows your angagement. Congratulations! I will have a special link on our site.This lake tour sounds very promising. I'll ask some guysfrom us club, if they have time and interest. I have to arrangemy time with my wife, because she has to work. And I hope we have a soft top next year ;-)


Dutton's are classic's u try t get parts triumph "errrrr its not listed " or" we do not do bike parts!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Hi Danny,

Many vintage cars were then fitted with engines from other companies already. Almost all cars have parts from suppliers. Why should we be otherwise? You have to sell things just right! ;-)
Since our cars are very rare, they are also especially equipped!

No Bizarini is like the others, each car specifically. Our cars are small "Bizarinies" too.......   lol    ;-)

dear greetings



I have mentioned this before but i think i will organise a trip to the German owners club do in May 2012. the plan would be to go over to Holland via Harwich as it is about £50 one way and will save some milage on dover/dunkirk. my car should be back together by then. but to get the cheap ferry tickets i would need firm numbers to book them. the German. OC meet in. a small town called Kevaler which is near ish to Eindhoven in holland. who would be up for it?

May is the dead line for me to have my car completed as it is my mates birthday on the 12th and there is a small wager on the completion date!!   It just so happens that he is German, and would probably like to have a ride to Germany.......so all being well, count me in.

Hi Paul,

every time welcome !!



Hi Dave,
if you know how many people want to come, then call me in time to before. So I can order hotel rooms.


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