Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

For sale,

The original B Plus bonnet from my car, built in the mid 1990's.

Together with the mould used to produce the custom nose cone.

Asking £150 for the lot to clear.

Many thanks, Graham.

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Well hello Graham long time no see, if only I had an 8 port head for my old Spitfire engine, but if you remember everything I did was on a shoe string and now I am 70 and a pensioner it still is :-) after rebuilding the Dutton the only thing i could do with is a hood but B-Type weather equipment seems rarer than rocking horse do do, your B Plus was stunning pity its not still in the UK for others to drool over

Regards   John

Fantastic to hear from you John, my good friend!! -Those were the days eh?

So glad to see you active on here and that your car has been rebuilt! -I often think about you John, so it's lovely to hear from you.

We must have a proper catch up...

Kindest wishes, Graham.



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