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Can anyone help please,

I have undone all the body to chassis bolts from the back to as far as the seat mount bolts, and can see the ones at the very front. What else is holding the shell down? I want to lift it about 4'' to get a coat of paint on the chassis top surface,


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I've never stripped a melos but I think they are very much of the same design as the legerra and phaeton so here goes.

2 bolts rear cross member   

2 bolts on braces for roll cage   

4 bolts on roll cage   

seat belt and seat mounts   

2 bolts in footwells   

steering column   

gear stick   

2 or 4 bolts on side panels near front wheels.   

there, think thats it apart from any other pipes and fittings.

there may also be random pop rivets in the body tub.......some folks also put a sticky tape between the body and chassis, that can also hold it down...

Thanks for the pointers. I think I am going to have to remove the carpet to check round for pop rivets. Unfortunately its well glued in!

Slip a thin piece of steel, a rule is good, between chassis and body and slide it along, finding the fixings as you go.


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