Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

After 6 years of being in storage it's time to get the dutton back on the road.
I've spent alot of time thinking about what I would like to do with it and one of the main changes is the rear lights.
The rear corners are now reshaped, fiberglassed and reshaped.
I think it looks much cleaner (sorry to people who think I'm spoiling it) but it's a kit car, and we all get to put our spin on things
Next stage is an appointment in the spray booth for its fresh new coat of paint.

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Hope you don't mind Jamie but i'm taking this opportunity to plug the fact we can get anything in the ring catalogue at a very good price... So if you decide to make another purchase keep me in mind. 

It's a little late now for the back of the car as I have the lights already got the corners and also the reverse light and fog light.
What I am looking for is led indicators for the front. Clear to match the rear lights but I know they need to be smaller for the front.

I think those are the smallest Ring do, not sure about Hella as we don't deal with them. Had a look at the website but it's not easy to navigate... I did find the 'indicators' page though LINK.

I found some units on fleabay. Rtx
Never heard of them but they're e marked and 24.99 for the pair delivered so it's worth a try I guess.
I'll update what those ones are like when they arrive
No pictures, phone was on charge.
But good news. My new lights arrived today.
The fog light and reverse light are excellent.
The rdx front indicators arrived too. They are amazing. Very bright. And crystal clear no colour, which is the look I was looking for.
Hopefully I'll get a few hours in over the weekend and I'll start putting it back together.
Following the comments I will be fitting them vertically. Which was actually my choice but the father in law suggested the other, which cast an element of doubt.

Do you have the ebay item number so I can take a look at the listing please Jamie?

The item number for the front indicators is

They arrived next day which I was impressed with as I ordered them late at night.
They look Orange on the picture but there really is hardly any colour. I will add pictures as soon as I get chance

Nice, look good, not seen those before, still expensive considering how much it actually costs to make LED's though but then they all seem to be no matter which manufacturer you pick. 

Be good to see the end result.

I know they aren't cheap, none of them are. But they're more efficient and I guess by the time I buy new lights and clear lenses the price will be close to the same.
I jusmped the gun a bit and put some shiny bits on today, although they aren't lined up or fitted properly yet I have added some pictures.
Lucas cortina wing mirrors
Led rear lights and the led fronts


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