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Been welding exhausts today for the Phaeton so i can get more legroom inside , It will allow me to put the bulkhead back straight  now its going side exit exhausts ending with  18" long  3.5" dia   cherrybombs  each side and i can get it out the drive with ramps !!!!!!!!!!!!. I tried the 2 stainless oval boxes i had on the Phaeton on the Sierra , perfect for it including the existing pipework up to the manifolds so it seems i win all round at the moment .  I just have the loud pedal to finish for the floor mounted pedalbox so once this lots on i will be back on the Sierra again  

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I think the Phaeton should have side exhaust (s) seems to sound better. result on the Sierra pipes to, I like a bargain. I was weighing up today how much to do on our Sierra, and came to it being 8 holes to drill for the seats and 8 wires to connect to various switches, and bleed the brakes.
Well you will like this one Dave ,i picked up 2 genuine cherrybombs for £70 new . I found a company on ebay then went direct
Proper result, nothing sounds as good as a cherry bomb, My side exhaust is off a Kalmar forklift truck.
Would it not be easier just to remove the body of the Dutton and stik it on a fork lift chassis
Thought of trying that but the headlamps were too high, I will post a list of bits we sell later, that will work with kit cars builds.
My chrome exhaust silencer is from a Massy Ferguson tractor. They used to be the standard for BRISCA F2 stock cars so ought to be easy to find, it was very loud so i put a reducer to the tail pipe bore from 1 7/8" to 1 1/4" it is still loud but gives a mellow tone. Doesn't seem to affect the performance either
Iv'e gone the other way up to 2.5" so i hope its not too noisey  says he with a smile


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