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hi chaps well im getting to the point where i need to change the cam belt on the sierra. iv never done a cam belt before. should i pay someone to do it or is it easy. any feedback welcome :-)

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lol im sorry i just have never done one. what happens if the belt snaps ??? 

ill have a pop just need to be more confident :-)

He's right, unless you get a complete bastid of a pulley you'll be fine. 

Anyway, you only need to get the front fanbelt pulley off not the timing belt cog... now that can be a complete **** of a job..

If you are going to attempt to cut the belt in half then do that first, then set the engine up so the small pointer in the camshaft pulley is pointing at the small dimple, normally found when the pointer is at the bottom. Check that the rotor arm is pointing at number 1, make a note of which timing mark is closest to the pointer on the front of the engine. Loosen and move the alternator, remove the fan belt. Then attack the crank pulley. 

You will probably have to loosen the belt tensioner as the old one will have stretched a bit. All the tension should be on the right hand side of the belt when fitted and if you do need to make a small adjustment to the timing to make it fit then the cam pulley should go clockwise as should the auxilliary pulley, chances are it will only be a microscopic adjustment.

When re-assembled and tensioned you should be able to twist the longest section of the belt between 45 and 90 degrees.Any less and it's too tight, any more and it's too loose.

If I have any of this wrong then I am sure someone will correct me. :)

spot on ........on the tension advise.......i really cannot recommend strongly enough NOT to try the cutting the belt in half idea ..........

the pinto cam belt is 45 mins at most really really easy to do.

thankyou all so much for your help and advice. ....the belt is holding me up on the restore now so iv got to do it. :-)))

gates belt ordered ....gonna have a good luck at the timeing marks later today. 


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