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Morning All

Pinto, Ford Clutch and (probably) a rocket box.

Cable-operated clutch has failed to release in previous years after a rest of several weeks, has always released by the time-honoured method of making sure there is some clear space in front, depressing clutch pedal, engage 1st gear and start the engine. Clutch has always released with a bit of bang, but away we go.

Not this time though. Have warmed engine up with wooden strut holding clutch pedal down, still no luck. 

If I leave the clutch pedal wedged down for a couple of days, will it stretch the clutch cable?

If that doesn't work, I'll try spraying some brake cleaner between the plates.

More suggestions please! 

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It'll put strain on pressure plate as well. If you drive it a while most stuck plates burn off the gum and don't stick any more. It's one of those mysteries, some stick some don't.

Leaving the clutch depressed should not damage the cable or stretch it. Movement wears them but staying in one position is no problem.

I[I have never tried this, but..] How about putting the car on axle stands then starting it in 1st gear. The wheels will go around. Depress the clutch and hold it there. Rev the engine to 4000 rpm then stamp on the brake, keeping the clutch depressed all the time. Hopefully, the inertia of the engine will free the clutch.

I had this with a GTM (mini engine/box) years ago. Tried the jack up and brake method....but it didn't work. Worth a try though.

Better than dismantle, which is what I had to do in the end

Thanks for the replies. I'm a bit wary about running the thing at 4k rpm on stands and then braking hard!

A previous owner made a couple of holes in the bellhousing so I'll try and get some brake cleaner between the clutch plates. My fault for not using the Dutton enough ;( 

Just do the 4000rpm thing and get a mate to video it on his phone - that way, if it is a disaster, you can sell the clip to You've Been Framed for £250 to pay for repairs!


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