Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Following the publication of Dutton Torque I received the following message:
"I have owned a Canterra (Registration NOT999R) for some time now. The story with this car started back in 2006 when I tried to buy it, but the then owner backed out of the deal, making some claims on various websites that he did like it to go to the Netherlands. Much to my surprise it ended up some 3 months later with a kit car trader in the south of the Netherlands asking a hefty 3750 euro for it.

Then in 2014, it suddenly appeared for sale all the way up north in the Netherlands. I didn't take long to seal the deal.

The Canterra is patiently awaiting its restoration as I finish of my beach buggy which I have owned for over 34 years. I would be interested in finding out any history of NOT999R and would appreciate if a notice could be put up in the DT or on Ning. The picture attached is of NOT999R, taken by Jeroen Booij of the Maximum Mini books fame.

Many thanks in advance. Hans Sipkema"

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A more comprehensive story of the above was in kit car about 18 months ago
Pretty sure this was the car from Manchester ? Many years ago
Got a couple of small articles in torque

Nice to see such a rare car and what a story

Is it mini based to be in the maximum mini book? It looks familiar reg plate.

it belonged to a gent from blackpool for a while but spent six months in one of my lockups as he couldnt keep that and his melos at home. 

That is "pig ugly" to quote a local phrase. One for Graham to practice his chain saw skills with.

maybe thats the reason he only made 6...

i wonder if it would have worked better as a soft top...

See, you lot have no artistic licence !!!!    Put a white Starsky and Hutch type stripe over it with a set of Woolfies shod with big General Grabbers ...... The Dogs Danglers :-)))))) 

Almost forgot the important part..... A nice Jag V12 under that very long bonnet. 

Looking through old Dutton Torques I found that in July 2004 and again in 2005, Dutton Torque carried an advert for a Cantera as follows:
"CANTERA Very rare car correctly registered on non Q plate. Only four owners from new. Car has been off the road since 1990 during which time it has been totally stripped and rebuilt with a MkIV 1300 Spitfire engine and overdrive box. Ford conversion hubs on the front, wider Escort back axle, spax addjustable coil over shocks, Metro lights and improved doors. All mounting points on the fibreglass body have been strengthened with bonded steel plates. Car is not finished but age forces sale. Car comes complete with a lot of new spares including 3 spare front and rear screens. £1800 ono 0161 7647953, Derek (Car in Bury nr Manchester)"
The attached picture was also on the back cover of the Oct 2005 magazine.
I spent over a year tracking down a canterra down before finding it cut up by a locost builder
Picture I was given half way through the search by one of the past owners was a 3/4 shot from the front with the roof cut off and I have to say it wasn't too bad as a convertible
Definitely had potentiae

the one that was in my lockup would have been 2004/2005 time but i was pretty sure it was a pinto . wasnt the screen from a mk4/5 cortina?

Hi, I've just come across this. I was the first owner after buying it from the Dutton factory in Tangmere, it was thier demonstration vehicle. I was glad to see it is still about and would be interested in seeing some pictures of it if the restoration is now finished. When I had it there was a front spoiler on the car, I also fitted the sunroof as no windows opened. I hope it's still on the road, thanks in advance.


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