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Hey guys.

I want to put new master cylinders on my car but have barely any knowledge at all, I think I've worked it out but would like to double check it. Flickr Album for pics of my current ones.

So googling the stuff written on the side seems to tell me that the brake cylinder is a generic part and as long as I buy a Girling 5/8 is should be fine. The seem readily available. One I might buy: Brake.

However the clutch one has what I'm told is a casting number not a part number on the side of it. I'm struggling to actually find any, with only two on eBay and both in the states. Am I missing something or are they just that rare? Here's one: Clutch.

To my inexperienced mind they seem to be pretty generic parts and although I understand they are hydraulic and thus minor differences can make a huge impact, could I not just replace one (or both) with similar but more readily available parts? If I can't then I'll just buy those two.

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first check that any master cylinder is mounted the correct way.........they come with two vertical bolts and two horizontal bolts. the horizontal are more common....


5/8" is the bore size.... i use 3/4" on my cars...but then i make sure my pedal ratio is at least 5-1 to give the right pad pressure to stop the car.....5/8" will give higher pedal pressure on the same pedal box but more pedal travel if your using big brakes....maybe too much. maybe not. 

you will have no trouble finding suitable single cct master cylinders, Europa spares will have them in remote or all in one designs you can also contact Adrian Southgate on here as he owns a car accessory shop and will likely do you a very good price.

your Brake link above is really for clutch...the resevoir is a bit small for brake use...you can use it but you will have to keep a close eye on the fluid level as your brakes wear and the level drops.....


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