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One set of my Dellorto 45s is flooding from both  venturi's  . They are getting 2-3 psi at present ,I have taken the needle valve out cleaned it and it still floods , any Ideas guys   

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Either a faulty needle valve or a punctured float?  Compare fuel level with the other carb, and try swapping  needle valves over.  Hope that helps.


The odd thing is most of the floats mentioned online are 7 - 8 gms   yet these are 10gm floats which there is very little mentioned so float heights I do not know ,also the main jets are size 50 yet pintos require 55s but my spec of engine require 57s ye I am reliably informed these came off a Pinto so I think there is a lot of playing to do

accelerator pump diaphragm........

Taken in Dave ,most parts are cheap except the floats at 40 quid a piece

Do both carbs have the same jets? Are they all in place? Have they ever worked while in your possession before? If they have then I'd suspect the float.

On bike carbs, people often mess around with the fuel height as a way to change the mixture, so they often bend the lever on the float.

Alternatively, maybe an air jet is blocked which might lead to engine vacuum sucking fuel out of the float chamber.

Maybe there is something jamming and preventing the float from rising.

Its not running James I'm still waiting  for the new oil pump

At this stage, you need to concentrate on why one carb is flooding but the other one is OK.

Tony its the second set that's flooding from fuel entry or the one on the end of the line ,does that make any difference

Daryl, The short answer is no, should not make a difference.

Look in the float chambers and make sure both floats are actually floating.   If they are, and are at similar levels, try swapping the needle valves from one carb to the other,  and if that moves the flooding to the other carb, that suggests a needle valve problem.  

You can worry about the jet sizes and things when it is running.



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