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So the cars only been on the road for a few years now and i'm not particularly happy with the paint/body. When we originally started the re-build, the body was in a very bad state, absolutely covered in cracks required a huge amount of time getting it into a reasonable state. After this, the paint was then done with many spray cans, hoping to get a reasonable and inexpensive paint job. So considering this was the first major body work I've ever done its not too bad.

Never the less a lot of cracks have re-appeared, a section on the bonnet has bubbled up due to lack of heat reflective material against the exhaust manifold and there are lots of thin patches.

I plan to have a second attempt over the summer using a proper spray gun, hopefully getting it to a more professional standard so any advise on equipment and techniques will be very useful.

Cheers, Matt.

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What size are you calling original Neville ,Dutton supplied 3 different sizes I know of -:)) possibly more

Hi Daryl,

Phaeton bonnet size, I think its approx 150mm x 25mm

I've got an original one Black White Silver one here.

It's 6" x 1" exactly. (Tim was working in imperial measurements I think)

It's not that nice though as it has very square / sharp edges which snag polishing cloths easily  - which is why I like the domed type

Ooh I just found out the dome sticker people *can* do chrome/silver. I think it is the backing of the underlying vinyl.

So probably we need a transparent gif containing the black and white and the silver layer is then the transparent part


So just need those transparent gif things.....

I will ask my lad if he can produce the artwork for this with the outline for the letters and the outer line transparent to allow the chrome to show through


I guess we then have to choice of domed or whatever sticker in a style reminiscent  of an enamel badge - or a completely flat Vinyl cutout.

I am supposing that the flat cutout type would be all one colour with the paint/gelcoat showing through

That second one is very close if not perfect Neville.

Why not just use Vinyl in your choice of colour, your choice of font  and then just laq  over the whole lot ,easy with no sharp edges

My Son did take a long time to get it right.


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