Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Here we have my s3 for sale

Good bits
2 litre pinto running Weber dgms 38
4 speed box
New seats fitted
3 point Harness
New headlights

It's been standing 5 years now ( always garaged)
Was running when parked up but I really have no time to play with it any more. Will need a new battery and probably fresh fuel.
It's a good strong car and I'll be sad to see it go.

Looking for circa £1500 or I'm happy to keep it.

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It looks like a nice car. It is a pity if it's not getting used. Good luck with the sale.

Might be interested ? Tried to buy this about 3 years ago but was never able to view it or get replies to messages
I'm back in Swansea in 2 weeks time and have to go to crynant on the sat morning so would be going right past yours
VERY genuine buyer,check with Ade I have bought 3 cars in the last 3 months and always on the lookout
Hello Rob Sorry for the late replies. I don't get email notifications from here. I was going to sell years ago but I have always liked having it around. Your welcome to come and have a look when your in the area ? Will be nice to meet someone that actually knows what it is Regards Jamie
Hi sorry mate I sent you a message the other day but it appears to of got lost in the internet ether on here !
Anyway I have to be at crynant gun club for 1 pm so sat morning up till 12 would be good or on Sunday but I'm not sure what's happening so sat morning might be better if you can do then ?
Text or call me on 07733264426
Cheers rob


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