Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Those of you with a car registered as "Historic" ought to read this:  


Doesn't look good news.  Not sure if it will effect kit cars or just those pre 1960 that don't need an MOT test

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That makes good reading, good find Graham. Taking notes now.

Looks like we are going to be busy Ade

I suppose with the "No MOT for cars older than 1960" , DVLA are looking to recoup lost revenue elsewhere.  I have a bit of a hankering for a 1920's or early 1930's Austin 7 -  going to have to be careful if I buy one now

Now I only read the first few comments and already there are arguments.

The FBHVC will be part of this process so I will contact Rosie and see if she can help with clarification. From some of the comments they are referring to vehicles 25 years and older... the newest Dutton Sports left the factory in errr '91 was it? so they are ALL 24+ years old now...

If this rule is applied to those of just historic status then that would require an 'age related plate' and someone with some clue as to production numbers on a yearly basis and a company that kept records... FAIL

If a dutton was given an age related plate when it was built instead of a Q then who knows.

Strikes me the DVLA are just making work for themselves to justify their own existence.

DVLA are about to be privatised, I can even tell who 's going to be the preferred bidder. Bugatti OC are a pain in the arise, to much pull in back handed things, viva the revolution etc. Heads will roll, little black book etc. Do I look bovvered ??

I have it on good authority,wink wink, that there is hell of a lot more to this then meets the eye. Loopholes to close, taxes to collect. Europe has spoken.

Makes sense Steve.  I can't imagine Europe liking all the old cars on the road without MOT checks or paying tax despite the fact many are better maintained than modern cars and only do a few hundred miles a year.   According to the Austin 7 club there are estimated to be about 1 million cars now no longer needing MOT. 

Think that builders of "special" cars are the ones they want out, to many old chassis appearing at hot rod and kit car meets. I reckon Q plate and IVA inspection will seem to be a good deal at £450-00. People are now sourcing old chassis and welding them up and asking big bucks. Maybe that's why David and Angela were having these important meetings, just to screw us down a bit more, nothing to do with world events, just let's get those old wrecks off the road (think they mean cars not drivers) .

Boy am i glad i got my car inspected a couple of years ago....just need an MOT and then apply for my registration number and away I go.

Reading the whole replies, I especially like the looking forward to the mass drive into Westminster in our historic vehicles. That would be fun, mass protest by us old fogeys. 

Never ever done that before    

1979 - legalise CD radio convoys, sad but true.

Seem to remember another one but dim and distant past and I probably wasn't sober...

DVLA does not make money from MOT. so its most likely down to Europe again


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