Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Those of you with a car registered as "Historic" ought to read this:  


Doesn't look good news.  Not sure if it will effect kit cars or just those pre 1960 that don't need an MOT test

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Its already on Swansea's books to pull in  

When did it go "on " their books cos they taxed it in January ?

Recently Rob ,within  the last 2 months

It will come up on the system when its taxed next time

Have got to the bottom of this, the original thread, not all the rubbish other stuff. Very long story told by a Welsh person who is very much in the know. Seems Bugatti owners found that someone abroad, Argentina !, has been building and selling Bugatti stuff and passing it off as good. DVLA have been investigating only the Bugatti stuff and have withdrawn several V5C's from non historic Bugatti's. The Austin 7 club have picked up the wrong end of the stick and ran off with it. End of story. Nothing else is true, rumours and extra little bits have been added to spice the story up and some people thinking they have a mission etc. Amazing what you find out when visiting old surf friends on the Gower, never knew she swapped her police uniform for a DVLA inspectors uniform, close friend :-))  SO, CARRY ON.

Thanks Steve. Surprised it's not Chinese copies though I suppose they would have been spotted sooner.

On the upside, at least the Argies tried to fake the originals unlike the amazing Dutton Sierra "conversion's" further up the thread .

That's good news.

At the end of the day its good news for us
Reality is most of this started off as an EU directive to see if the uk exemption for MOT (pre 1960) had enough control and the implications throughout the EU
Nothing to do with "classic" status for road tax exemption (totally separate thing)
Looks like the EU rule will come into force on a 30 year/ classis car mot exempt
So all the Duttons from early 80s shouldn't have to worry about an MOT if all goes to plan

Oh No! Doesn't that mean that we'll have to cancel the demonstration? I was looking forward to that. ;-)



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