Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Guys i have been in touch with the seller of this vehicle ,item number
280775792677 here is his reply , THIS ONE IS A GOOD ONE  In Scotland

Hello Daryl,,

The car has a V5 and was bought from Dutton cars ltd on 18/11 88, The
Chassis number L-----....I would like to see someone from the club take it
on...I am a MG Guy and have no real interest in the Dutton,,,Put the word out
around the club, i would rather see it going to one of you guys. Have the
invoice from Dutton Grand total of £2114.26 Going to stick up more pixs i took

- matchlessvenom

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Whay I came over to post this and it's already there!

They are all  worth saving, this one in particular because of its unusual  history

 and condition

Daryl... its L E G E R R A

I have checked some of the missing ones on the list and found two spelt the same way as you have on the DVLA site !

but its still spelt with a E on the back of my car... :-)

Ah Ade the e type spelling is only on Ladies cars 

Oh I see...

So what your trying to say is that Me, Ed, Ian, Jonno, Mark, Gordon and Paul are a bunch of girls then?

Are you planning on coming to Stoneleigh next year?

I can see Daryl getting chased all over site with water bombs and NERF guns :-)

 You bet, i would'nt  miss the windup  i have planned for you -----s

Oh.. you dodgy southerner you 


Anyway... back on topic. Who's going to rescue this lovely Legerra? I don't think there is another like this in the UK unless its still in a crate somewhere.

I would have it but cant get it here ,its so annoying

I even have a mate who has a farm with loads of buildings so storage is not a problem


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