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 i might have a problem with my rear axle,  i fitted a new bearing and it all fitted back together no problem, that was some time back,   today i had to remove my rear wheels to bolt down the roll bar, and noticed that one hub was nice and smooth, easy to turn  but the other had a lot of  stiffness and the diff clunked a lot, it doesnt feel right , i'm going to have to remove the rear springs  to rebush them  at some point  anyway  can anyone give me any ideas what has gone wrong , also the special bolt is missing from one of the springs,   i knew when i put it all back together, but as i am removing them,  i aim to fit a new one anyway, what size are they?b

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Its not the brake shoes before anyone  sayes, the drum comes right off both sides with ease,  it sounds as if my diff is not meshed , but i have not touched it, when i fitted the  bearing it went back in ok, meshed on the spline ok, then i drew it on with the bolts  before  i changed the bearing it seemed ok   before i fitted the bearing, the half shaft entered the spline with ease because i stored it like that  to prevent any thing getting lost 

do you have oil in the diff?

would that cause it? no because it was drained down, when i did the half shaft  it hasnt  moved since on its wheels,only a few feet onto the transporter then back off once here, again a few feet   

dry diffs can feel very notchy, built one a few years ago and thought I'd screwed something up but one of the 'old hands' said just fill the diff with the correct oil and try it - it was fine

Thanks vern, as you can imagine i has visions of having to remove the back axle and having to have the diff rebuilt , ive got enough to do as it is without having to do more work , i will get hold of some ep80 and refill it then try again . its strange you say that, when i first looked at it, apart from a rough bearing  it was ok, like you i was thinking, what have i done?  of course, then it was still full of oil 

Had a close look at my rear springs today, very puzzled, i have single leaf springs, but they have the multi leaf type centre bit, and because of it my u bolts wouldnt fully tighten down , should i lose the centre  bit ,once ive rebushed mine  ive seen a picture of another melos with single leaf springs and they have left the centre  bit out , the drivers side is not holding the axle tight enough, which i guess accounts for the rear wheels rubbing the  wheel arch , this is the one that is missing the centre bolt that locates the axle , when  i assembled  the rear end the axle was just put on so that i could get it moved  

sounds like its been assembled wrongly in the past.

There should be an isolator with u channel between the axle bracket and spring then another between the spring and the shackle plate. The locating pin in the spring is there to locate in the hole in the axle bracket and the spring shackle. If you have tyre marks on the chassis rails thats usually the tyre rubbing during cornering. Can be fixed with a panhard rod.

or fitting the correct offset wheels ("0") or if you dont have the right wheels some spacers...

Dave i have spacers fitted,    my quiry is really, because i have single leaf springs, but whoever assembled them has left the deeper u channel plate  for multi leaf springs on, that is the one between the axle and spring  should i reduce the dept of the u channel, or remove them, i have been looking  for pictures of other melos cars with single leaf springs , so far only found 1 and on that one the u channnel has been taken off

  i will be removing my springs shortly to rebush them and fit a new pin on one spring but so that i dont re assemble it wrongly want to know  how it should be , either that  or  i just get another set of secondhand  multi leaf  springs complete with all fixings  

Hmm, single parabolic leaf is 60mm wide the multi leaf is 50mm wide. Do you definitely have a single leaf or has someone taken all but one leaf off?

Any chance you can take some pics Martin so we can see better what you have?

in reply to vern, just had a look, and measured springs, they are 50mm, so what i have is a bodge !!  someone took a multi leaf set and took off all except for the long leaf   not done by me i hasnt to add, all i did was to fit what i took as being single leaf springs.

 so its now not worth me re bushing what i have got, i will have to  get another set of multi leaf springs , thats all there is too it luckily escort tech have them at reasonable prices, i assume that the ones i have will now be too weak    

Thanks Stephen,  i will concider that, what started me looking was that the rear wheels whilst fitting the rear arches great, are touching the top of the wheel arch, with the spacers they clear the chasssis ok now , i need to investigate why,    if the axle was sitting to high , ie weak spring etc, that would  be one possibility , i do need to replace at least 1 bush where the hole has gone oval and both upper shackle bushes, i aim to do this in the next few weeks  ,but dont want to do all that work, to find out that  ive wasted time and money  if i have just re bushed springs that i end up throwing , the upper  shackle bushes  i know have to be done anyway,      


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