Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

It's that time of year when the hosting renewal is coming due and the last correspondence I'd had from Ning implied some big well in fact huge increases in costs. Anyway long story short the new owners have had a change of heart and are continuing to offer the "mini" package we currently use. So we can carry on for at least another year without either charging users or moving!

Now if only I could find time to get the Melos on the road or look at restarting the rally prep S3..... Guess you can't have it all.


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Tim, We all owe you a big vote of thanks for organising this and keeping it going.  It all takes time which you would probably rather spend on other stuff - maybe even on your cars!  There is a lot of useful information on here which is not available anywhere else and it is much appreciated.  If in future it has to be paid for I think many of us would be happy to contribute.


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