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How much is a Dutton Phaeton S2 3L V6 Essex worth?

Hi Guys,

I have some tough choices ahead as I have a house move and the garage won`t take my car collection. My Turbo R, XJR and Dutton are all fighting for space and the wife wants the Dutton to go as she cannot get in and out of it very well...

Anyway, before I asked the finest Dutton minds how much it was worth, I was shocked to see this:


It does not have an MOT either but at least its a real Dutton, mine has an MOT and is certainly real and owned by me for two decades. Not sure about the owner either, block caps and all that. However, that is the other problem I don`t want my car to be used in some dodgy car clone thing or used as parts to keep some crappy ridiculously expensive Ford on the road. How likely is that and should I even bother to sell it on ebay?

So how much do you guys think a good 3l essex S2 is worth?

Your thoughts would be most gratefully received.

Best Wishes,


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That car was on ebay about 9 months ago at a similar price and looked to have sold but it could be still the same seller - the pictures are different but might be the same location. If it is a different guy then he is presumably judging the price by what he paid.

I have a similar Malaga B+ with a "RS3100" engine (which never was from an RS3100). There were only 250 of them made, so I doubt his is the genuine article. He also reckons that his number plate is valuable.

Before I bought mine, I had been watching V6 Duttons and it seemed that £3K was about the price of a roadworthy one (when the weather is good). I paid less than that for mine because it had accident damage to the chassis and no radiator or MOT but by the time mine is roadworthy it will have cost me about £3K. I haven't driven it yet, so I don't know it is 'worth' it ... but I suspect that it is.

Well it was temping to change the wife but the car is now for sale. I have put it on kit car trader and next its car and classic. Not sure I can bring myself to use ebay!!!

Never have understood why you would want the tug boat engine in something that's meant to be sporty! If you have to go for more torque than the chassis can use the surely a househam replica with the Rover V8 makes much more sense. More reliable, powerful and even more unusable torque but it's much lighter so a chance it will still handle reasonably.

Househam replica?


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