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Hey guys

First and foremost you'll have to forgive my novice-ness when it comes to forums and the correct etiquette. I figured I'd introduce myself as I have seen on the few other owners clubs I have viewed on occasion but couldn't find a dedicated area on this forum. Am I missing something? Redirect me as necessary.

So here we go...

My name is Toby Fitzgerald, I'm 26 and based in Ruislip (West London) and work for Martin-Baker.

The most important piece of information you need to know really though is that I'm a complete novice when it comes to fixing cars. My Dad has been a mechanic for almost 40 years and I know many people at work with experience too which is where I get all my advice from ATM, but I'm hoping you guys can change that :)

I have always wanted to be into cars but never really found the opportunity to learn, modern cars are so complicated these days as I'm sure you're all aware. Keeping a long story short, I have ended up buying what I have been led to believe is a "Dutton Phaeton 6" off a friend of a friend. He had owned it since '98 and used it fairly regularly and used to go to a few track days too as well as being a member of the owners club. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances it ended up being left sat on his driveway for nearly 10 years. It was in good running order when left (all bar needing new seals in the clutch slave cylinder, which he bought the kit for). Time has been relatively kind to it all things considered.

After getting it transported to my Granddads (only a few miles away) I set about working on it bit by bit. I'll leave the details for my build diary.

Being 6 foot and having no prior experience with kit cars nor old cars, let alone such small ones, I was initially very worried I wouldn't actually even enjoy driving it. My original plan was just to get it into a good enough condition to take for a short test drive to an MOT station to get an idea on what it would be like. However after my most recent time fiddling with it I have come to the conclusion I might as well fully restore it, as I'm learning a lot and falling in love with the car.

So I stand before you (figuratively anyway), at your mercy. I have a lot to learn but am enjoying every minute of it, even the frustrating backwards steps in progress. Especially the backwards steps, because that's what restoring cars it all about, right? I hope to be quite an active member on this website once I learn my way around properly.

Also thank you to those members who send me messages shortly after I first joined, I didn't even realise I got them until recently.



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Phaeton S2 Toby   lovely smooth engine ,easy to work on as well , does it turn over ok ?

Yeah she turns over and seemingly even runs lovely. Got it started on the driveway before I bought her, just to make sure. Not run it since as it has old oil in it, the water pump sounds like its seen better days and the fuel tank was full of crap (we ran it out of a jerry can before anyway).

Been focusing all my time in other areas first but hopefully will be ordering stuff to service the engine soon so I see exactly how she runs. I'll post the overall condition and my progress sometime tomorrow I hope.

Be worthwhile replacing the lines as well as sorting the tank.

S2 .....roofs are not easy to get so you are lucky to have what looks like a good condition roof.

they are usually on cart springs if your doing a full restoration it might be worth converting to 5 link.....its a fair bit of work but ultimately worth it...but since this is your first kit i would recommend getting it on the road for a few years first....but if its a body off restoration it wouldnt be a bad idea to look to modify the car at that time..

fuel tanks can be cleaned out using phosphoric acid tank cleaner....if it is basically sound. what seems to suffer by long storage outside is the front discs and calipers. or you can just replace it...but you will have to find out what it is....(most likely from a Ford Cortina Mk2)

Welcome - lots of knowledge on here which will help you on your way. Looks like a good first project!


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