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I have a new Legerra  windscreen for sale ,its still wrapped ,I want what I paid for it £250  ,no use to me now as I don't have a Legerra

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I'll take that off your hands Daryl. Could do with a nice one for XSC.

is that a specially made one for durton?


As I have not heard anything the Legerra windscreen is now for sale again  , I need it gone so its £250 which is what I paid for it, If no interest  the Tip gets it in small bits

I've checked the distance and I think you are about 160 miles from me, so it will be a whole day's driving (yes, I'm getting old and achy). I'd like to come and see you but the combination of work pressure and my mother's condition deteriorating means that I think that I'll have to use a courier. I will have it at that price. I can arrange a courier but it might be more convenient for you to arrange that to suit you and I'd pay for that, obviously.

Send me a text and I can send you the money via Paypal.

Its a 548 mile round trip for me, not something I can do on a weekday because of the shop which is why you hadn't heard from me. Not that I didn't want it, just the logistics of collecting it Daryl.

If you're going to have it James then don't use a courier, not for a compound curved bit of glass. Even if it's properly crated they'd still damage it.

I just want it gone 

i have a courier that will shift it cheap...... i can pass on his number Adrian.

wrap it in a cloth and leave it outside like James did, gone in 60 seconds :))


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