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Melos rebuild brakes and suspension next, front discs need replaceing Dia 219 mm im guessing they are mk1 escort 1300. Any help identifying the front suspension appreciated lm thinking shocks and bottom wish bones are triumph ,rear escort springs and shocks.

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Escort discs fit to the back of the hub not on the wheel studs. I'll have a look later but those prices are hilarious... £97 a pair of discs.
They are using a generic image too as it's a solid disc and that image shows vented.

I'm 100% sure that the larger 245/247mm discs fit onto mk1 escort hubs along with the M16 caliper fitting to the stub axle. 

I'm moving units at the moment so everything is boxed but will fire up the works laptop tonight and check the data on autocat.

I thought to fit M16 calipers you needed mk2 escort or capri struts. I ended fitting Capri struts to my Melos, can't remember why maybe it was the caliper mounting is different?

I thought it was just the track rod end taper that was different.

Maybe i'm getting mixed up with when I converted it from drums at the front. I just had a vague recollection I originally put on struts with discs and callipers from a 1.1 escort and then had to change them when I upgraded the brakes to have m16's. Something to do with the struts not having bolt on steering arms possibly?

Capri, Mexico and RS had bolt on steering arms, all the others were cast. I have cast steering arms, M16 calipers and vented discs on my Leggy. The Sierra uses the same setup on aftermarket coilover struts, both use mk2 steering racks. The drum struts had no provision for calipers, just three bolt holes for the backing plate.

You are dead right,spoke to my local classic ford agent today who confirmed what you've said.


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