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so last weekend I picked up my second Melos I had one me and my dad built for my first car, I am now 30 and I always missed it. So I picked up a body the chassis and nearly all the front suspension and a log book and that’s about it.

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These are 15x8 all round 

Minilite 'esk' wheels look great! what are they and where are they from? offset?



Rota rkr 15x8 offset 0

So work has started on the engine stripped it down ready for cleaning and painting, and a well overdue Campbelt as it still has the original Mazda one.

So alot of scrubbing and painting later

So it has been a while since I have updated this but progress has been made so do not fear 

engine and gearbox mount made 

chassis cleaned and painted 

engine and gearbox fitted 

radiator fitted 

front suspension and steering painted and fitted 

front brakes fitted and piped up 

So been a while since I updated this the car has had the chassis painted and the body painted in Ford highland green. I also picked up a pair of brand new seats for 100 quid 10 miles from my house.

The Highland Green is a good colour for the Melos body shape. 

Excellent choice.

Thanks adrian Its slowly starting to look  like a car now getting there.


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