Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Interesting (and cheap) Melos project near Hereford on Gumtree at the moment.  Not quite what I am looking for, but it looks well worth saving before the Ford breakers get to it......might suit someone on here?

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can you post a link?

Sorry, no idea how to do that, and far too old and grumpy to learn.  I found it by looking at Dutton for sale on Gumtree.

Q615GFR - linked.

Definitely a project, but looks like everything is in place so not necessarily a difficult job if the engine is usable.

Well I hope someone takes it on - looks like it would be a runner without too much trouble.  As the seller seems to have a trailer,  transport might even be negotiable. 

Ah but its a Noddy SCRAP IT -:)))

"no v5" is that just the paper bit lost or the whole reg ???

It comes up OK on the DVLA search, so I think just the paper bit lost.

If he has no V5C and the ID plate is missing then whoever buys it will be needing a trace done I guess :) It has a registration number so it's still traceable by the club.


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