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Hi I've recently emailed all members regards options for increasing membership and its implications. I'd be greatful for any thoughts, comments or suggestions





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Daryl wish I could stamp my foot, had op on my knee this Tuesday, which looks to have worked I can get back to Duttoneering and sort the Phaeton for Spring.

can i just ask what we get if we upgrade other than more members i dont have a prob with a payment to me the more the merryer.

Individual pages for each member like the one we have now but customiseable and with more content.

Chat box like instant messenger but helps to keep idle chat off the forum.

There's other stuff too but I can't remember it all.

Why do you want to keep idle chat off the forum? isn't that the best bit? The banter/facebook style is what is so popular here and TBH the only reason I'm here

I dont BV.

It was a bad choice of words on my part. What it actually does is encourage chatter, just talking to other people, whoever is online. means you can have a quick conversation with someone which would other wise fill the visible area of the forum. It doesn't detract from the forum but adds an extra fast element to it.

IMHO the 'chat' is this site and the point of it. This reply will pop up on the main page when I press 'add reply' if that is discontinued then it loses the point of this site? Its the facebook style we currently have that is clearly what is popular about the site. Its an open conversation that anyone can join in with, a bit like dropping into your local for a quick pint and a chin wag. If that goes then I don't understand what this site is for. There is after all the DOC site for info and G's for posting your build diary's but neiter do this chat style community that seems to work so well. As DT says you just have to look at how many visits we get to see that. They're clearly not here to read build stories but for a chat and a laugh.

Did you never use the chat box when it was originally available?

It detracts nothing from either the site or the way it functions now and there is always the option to not use it.

Don't panic, Don't panic. The site will stay exactly like it is, the chat like the PM now, your page can be customised to your liking back ground and headers. The Calender was great as anyone of us can post to it with shows, visits, meets. honestly when the site first started it had these features for a short time. that's what drew me to it, and when it changed it was a bit of a blow, but we stuck with it and it works you guys like what you see now, you'll love the upgrade I'm sure.

Danny check out the link to Ning shows you what we'll get

Oh one more thing I nearly forgot, it's this site that brought together The Northern Duttoneers, and a brilliant group of like minded Blokes and our Wives who have been converted to Duttonettes.

I'll second that Dave.

Without this site I would just be a normal club member with one dutton.... oh how Sue curses this site...:-)

I joined after the e-mail, so I don't know what the suggestions were. I like the site already but I would support adding extra paid for features. I would be happy to contribute via a separate subscription. I have spent hundreds of pounds on tools and parts for my car in the few weeks that I have had it. Good advice, friendly banter and a supportive community is worth a lot.


Separately, I think that the DOC site is not bad as it is. I'm sure that it could be even better and I would support an attempt to update it. I would not mind if there was a voluntary contribution requested, a bit like a church roof appeal. A voluntary contribution would prevent those who are not interested in an upgrade from veto-ing it.


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