Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Hi folks just a quick introduction of myself and my car. My name is Jay I live in sunny scotland I'm 40 years old, and a member of the dutton owners club, I am a regular of the stoneleigh kit car show, have a 1970 dutton Sierra that I am rebuilding. Ive known the car since around 2010 and had the pleasure of owning her in march of last year. Since then it's basically been a scramble for as many parts as possible, I've going to upload some pictures of my cars progress so far. And as I go I will ad more picks. Thanks for taking the time to read my post people

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Looks good Jay 

Cheers man 

fit it, fit it, fit it.........

Looks good. it'll be interesting to compare with an original. I think it's an improvement.

It's strange to see one so low but it looks good.

Different mate 


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