Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

I'm Dan, mid 20's from Wiltshire.

Joined the other day as i happened to pick up a bargain Dutton Phaeton the other month! £150!

Off of a really nice chap in Poole who also had one this was just a 'spares' chasis but i intend to make a full car from it!

So far i know very little about it and i've never built a kit car.. as requested i'll put some pictures up, slow slow progress has been made in stripping it down to assess the condition so far.

It has what i think is a rear axle/diff from a Mk2 Escort im not 100% sure on that yet though!

i will keep this updated as i find time to work on it around work and such, the route im taking is yet undecided i initially want to strip it down fully and see what im working with.

Anyhow pictures!

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That looks like an interesting challenge! Do you know what was intended with the headlights? Was it registered and on the road ever or is it a track day car? The widened arches look good and those wheels look wild.

Its an S3 Phaeton Dan

It did have Spax  shocks on the front , it was on ebay 3-4 weeks ago

I'm also pretty certain it had Triumph Spitfire wishbones on it Ade will correct me if I'm wrong on that  

I have a feeling that the dutton wishbones and the triumph wishbones are of similar length but the dutton ones are of unequal length which causes the increase is castor. I'll confirm that theory later.

Hi Dan, welcome to the mad world of owning a Dutton.

That is indeed an S3 (or was) and when originally designed had escort mechanical along with 80% ford suspension with just the top wishbones being Dutton made. Yours has been quite severely altered on the surface but looking at the front of the chassis that looks to be fairly standard.

On the area in front of the battery tray there appears to be a grey area. This would have been the Dutton production number plate, often used as the VIN tag for registration purposes. If this tag is still in situ then PM me the number and I will check to see what info we have on the clubs records regarding your car. If not then be very careful when removing the paint from the chassis just in case the number is stamped onto it.

I keep a hoard of spares from bushes and bolts to bodyshells and if I don't have it I may very well know someone who does.

If there is anything you need this is the place to ask, just remember, the only silly question is the one you don't ask.

Good luck, thats some project.


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