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Been squirreling away a few idea's and parts the last few weeks. Even bought a rusty MX5. So thinking now about a small engine. Like a fiesta 1400 or these 1.25. The easy way is the MX5 engine and box, plus maybe a narrowed MX5 back axle assembly. The mixer is 1800 5speed and a slip diff. Been welded poorly in all the places they rust, but goes really well. Almost a shame to break it up. So back to small engines, any input?

It is going in a B type, which will be small and light, I hope 

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been offered a LSD for ford escort axle, very good nick wants £400 is it a good price??

A Capri axle complete with lsd  is worth £1800  upwards depending on condition ,without lsd you will lucky to get 250 quid  but  an English axle  god knows or is it an RS diff 

Salisbury diff from an rally escort, they have got hold of atlas axle which I'm making stronger for them, they have offered me the diff complete.

Silverline make 'skateboard' sized trolleys which are sound for a pinto / crossflow / DOHC but i'm not sure i'd trust them with a fully loaded Essex.


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