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Malaga running a 2litre Pinto on bike carbs supplied by cube electric pump ,bloody thing keeps running out of fuel . Midget fuel tank ,If I take the pipe off the pump from the tank out  runs fuel  put it back on and the carbs fill so car starts but a few mins later its out of fuel again . I thought the problem was the filter on the pump so took it off however it does just the same , I then put another new pump on only to find the same bloody problem , yes the tank is vented and every time I take the pipe off the tank fuel runs out . Anyone got a box of matches cos its driving me nuts  

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Had bike carbs on an autograsser  (vx 1.4.)do similar because the fuel pressure was too high. 

Fuel would fill the bowls so fast it jammed the floats up and ran til the bowls emptied. 

May be worth a test. 

We added A huge fuel filter housing off a diesel as a flow reservoir worked but then it only had to run right 6 laps max so never tried it long term 

I had a very similar problem on a friends Golf 1. The solution was to install a Filter King fuel regulator. The little reservoir it provides was enough to guarantee continuous flow of fuel. But it seems this kind of engine had particular problems with fuel flow. Other than that, one of the Locust botchers has a quite extensive description of his bike carb build online here (scroll down to "Fitting a petrol regulator/filter"). He also advices a fuel regulator due to the low pressure.

Other things are:

1.) Is the fuel pump a correct one? Bike carbs only need low pressure pump.

2.) Is the fuel pump installed in the right place? Some pumps are supposed to be installed in the engine bay and PULL the fuel, others are supposed to be installed near the fuel tank to PUSH the fuel.

3.) Another vague guess is: Maybe the fuel bowls of the carbs are not "in an equilibrium". On self-built cars that's sometimes an issue due to a botched installation. This might mess up the fuel flow. Check if the bowls are at the correct angle (angle depends on the manufacturer / model) and they should all be plumb when the car stays on an even ground.

If that doesn't help I'd be happy to lend you some matches -:)

is the filter on the end of the pick up pipe in the fuel tank colapsing

Carbs were supplied by Bogg Brothers with their custom manifold so no problem there and they ran perfectly on a Legerra ,

filter in tank fine also mesh and no crud in tank ,already has a pressure regulator on it ,pump is installed at 45 degrees next to tank and has maximum pressure of 5psi ,botched installation ?????? I put them on Patrick      

I know on bikes they can be finicky on pressure. Usually 2-3 psi tops. 

Are you sure that it is out of fuel and not choking due to too much instead? I was wondering if there is a fuel return needed from somewhere and the effect of removing pipes is actually to allow the excess to escape. Just a thought. 


its drinking it so fast the pump cannot catch up Daryl !!  :-))) better get another oil well dug

Problem solved ,2 dodgy cube fuel pumps which were  both supplied by a reputable seller off ebay  JJC Race & Rally which is surprising ! , I bought a cylinder pump from Powerspark  and everything is fine ,end of problem

That is terrible they must be cutting back and importing Chinese copies could cost more trying to work it out. Glad it’s sorted 

Glad it's sorted.


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