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went out today for the first time in the leggey started out ok ended up with a tow back :( was running fine for about 7 miles then it felt like it was running out of fuel water temp was sitting at 80c oil ok  let it sit for a few min starts fine but wont pull missing like hell  noticed the wire was off the rad fan fixed that then removed the plugs to see if it can tell me anything all ok except no4 was a bit darker than the rest on further inspection i noticed some hairline cracks on the white part so have replaced the plugs  will see how it goes . but if anyone has any other suggestions as to possible causes im listening    

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 hi daryl ye were right there was a filter at the pump it bolts in to it un done it and there was some crap in it used some electrical cleaner to blow it through an a wee blast with the air gun put it back together removed the pipe at the carb and sat it in a large coffee jar turned on the ignition can hear the pump working now the jar was filled in seconds tried this before i started n it would have taken all nite to fill it hence i thought the pump was on its way oot  cheers for that info mate  it all helps to make it run better i have had a few of these accuspark units never had any issues still going to change the plugs an do an oil change whats the recommended oil is the classic 20/50 ok     

Good mineral  oil and an EFL 90 oil filter

so it was fuel related then.......nur nur nur 

It would seem so Brian just been out only went for a mile or so before turning back totally hammered it and no issues will take it to work a few days

glad you got it sorted :-)

well the weather has got a bit better up here and the legerra is running fine now been usein it for the last 2/3 days to run back n  fourth to work smiles all round . i changed the tank and the fuel pump fitted 3 inline filters impressed with the performance on it  so just going to enjoy it now till hopefully winter months 


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