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Hi guys I have an Escort mk1 pedalbox surplus to requirements if anyone wants it . The bushes are in good nik ,there is no juice pedal or springs on it but the rest is in good condition for a 40 year old box. Its free to a good home so just the cost of postage ,i can send all or just bits ,if no one wants it its being binned

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No problem all or bits
Where to Eskdale Avenue???????????

Nah.. best send it to work, keep it on the 'need to know' ... ;-) theres always someone there to take in parcels. In fact, before you send it let me get a quote from DPD as we have an account and get a well cheap rate. I might even be able to get it collected.


I will wait to hear then
I'll let you know before lunch tomorrow, just need to clear it with our dispatch staff.
Any particular lunch or tomorrow Ade ????????????????????????????????

Ok ok... so I missed another deadline. Balancing the boss being sarcy and you being sarcy, you loose, he's in the same office.

You ok to post it? evidently collections are too difficult to arrange for private items.

I'll email the address.

No mate you got it wrong i dont lose i got the pedalbox

ouch.. fair point guv.

I just got over run with work and didn't get time to get on the forums.

Daft isn't it, 30 laptops all on the internet and I can't use one to do personal stuff as they all belong to customers :-(


Typical  just as i get set up to change the exhausts and pedalbox tomorrow i get a job driving a bl--dy Landrover back to East Sussex from Worcester for one of my boys, will i still be sane when i get back from a 200 mile drive at 50-60 mph
The pedalbox after some drastic mods ,at 240mm wide it was too wide so i cut off 65mm off the width , Im going to take off the thottle pedal plate and weld a bar out horizontally  then weld on another foot plate 6" long the same shape as the pedal arm as i have designed it to fit over the chassis rail at an angle  so my foot sits on a 6" strip at an angle ,(( note for Mr Kerswell yes i know i used to many amps on the left hand brake pedal but its only 3mm plate))


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