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Trying to change the oil pump on a 2ltr Pinto however I have a problem , the bloody sump wont let go , Its clear of everything so I left the engine in place .The Haynes I have is for the Cortina which says the sump can be removed but I have an RS 2000 Alloy sump which is basically the same , all bolts are out and I have used wooden wedges around it , its down 4mm but wont go any further ,I'm reluctant to drive wedges in further at present any ideas guys 

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First thought - is it just stuck with loads of gasket sealant?  

Front is free but its stuck at the near side rear end almost like something is jamming it

There are two bolts at the rear of the sump, a long way up behind the flywheel. Do you have both of those out? They are near invisible when the flywheel in in place.

Great ,you cant get at them with the engine still bolted to the box ,Bloody Haynes says the sump comes off even on the RS2000 

It can be done with 1/4 drive socket and long extension, there is just enough room with the right kit.

Changed all mine for M6 socket caps, makes getting the sump off much easier.

Sorry as I know that doesn't really help but might be an idea when you put them back.

Did them 2 years ago in stainless


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