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Anyone using cotton braided copper core plug leads out there , I have 2 timing lights and neither seem to want to work with these leads , I just get the occasional  flash any ideas anyone

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I thought my light was buggered, bought a new one, same result :-((

Funny that Steve -:(  that's why I got 2

well, I put an old copper lead on today, after a bit of hassle. The plugs are about 3" down a tube ! anyway, the bleeding timing was spot on. all that fuss for bugger all. Car is still rough as a badgers arse, so looks like the old SU's are well worn. Have to see the summer out though. Fuel evaporation in a hot engine bay makes hot starts a miserable affair. It is very hot here though. Coming back down The A38 at warp factor temp is almost cool on the gauge, so at least the air flow is good at speed. Done 2 X120 miles trips this week, apart from hot starts everything is OK, if you ignore the noisy, clunky back axle, the grounding over rough pot holes and squealing brakes when hot, its fine.  :-))

I've never got on with SU's but what is the alternative? Would an electric pump refill the fuel bowls quicker, maybe? Then it might be just turn on the ignition and count to ten before starting.

Not much you can do about potholes unless you go back in time to when councils had the money to maintain the roads.

Aiming for smaller potholes instead of big ones will help Steve also lifting that right boot might solve fuel evaporation ,  spraying  some oil on your discs will stop it squeaking but will cause a big bang for your engine mate , Oh I got lots of tips for Mr Kerswell -:)))))

well the diff may not last ! Bit of backlash has started to sound a tad worse, even I can hear it ! Now the u/j has started creaking, despite giving it a good greasing, suppose I have nailed it for the past ten years and who knows where it came from originally. Hope it stays together until the end of October, I have plans !!


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