Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Anyone  heard anything about this car or has Castle Coombe killed it 

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James still has it.

It's not dead yet.

I know where there are enough parts to sort it's issues (and keep it legal)

Basically, it needs serious work on the chassis which I know I'll never get around to doing, so I'm hoping that Ade will take it off my hands. It was such a pity that I had only just got the engine, exhaust and the plumbing all sorted and it was going better than ever. I had even sorted the long standing starting problems just that morning (bad earth strap). Then I went and looked in my mirror at the wrong time and boof!

My wife has said that I can't buy another car (I have my eye on my brother-in-law's Mk2 MR2 turbo) until I get rid of the Leggy - she is wrong of course because I can do what I want … but let's not upset her by telling her so!

Its only a chassis change James its not difficult

And a little body work Daryl, 

Piece of cake ,easy

Unfortunately, I just don't have the time, Daryl. Look at how long it took for me to get the opportunity to visit you. If I was retired, and I am really looking forward to that, then I might well have the time to repair the Leggy but that is probably 3 years away and the Leggy is just getting in the way. It is better that it goes to someone who will make something of it than have it rot on my drive.

Currently my mother is in poor and declining health and my disabled wife is waiting for another knee replacement, probably in the new year. I have the V6 Malaga B+ which I am making slow progress on, plus I have house improvements and garden projects that are overdue. And when the chips are down, the Legerra just isn't special enough compared to the Malaga. In honesty, I was only intending to keep it until the Malaga was done because once that beast is on the road I can't see why I'd ever drive the Leggy.

What Dutton are we talking about? I have a Melos chassis thats due to get cut up in the next few weeks as no one wants it, your welcome to it if it will help

That's not a current picture Ma Southgate  

Bit  of duc tape  = good as noo  James

Like this you mean...

If only the chassis twist and front end parallelograming was as easy to fix.


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