Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Anyone  heard anything about this car or has Castle Coombe killed it 

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You could have used Pink Tape

I am currently in the process of moving units. The 'new' place is bigger, has an outside secure yard and a brand new roof. Once I finish moving i'd be happy to come and collect  James. I'll drop you a line and we can make some arrangements. :)

shame James.....

but then the Malaga does look a better option long term.

seems a bit of an extreme way of making the point though......

here you go James, one for you, bit noisy for me :-)

I'd pity the guy behind me in traffic - his paint peeling on 'tick over' and then his windscreen shattering when the after burner goes on. It would be a hoot though! Nice one, Steve, good to see you back on this site.

I'm always around James, been in Portugal 3 weeks, now back to real life, a broken B+ and a half finished B type


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