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I have a V6 Malaga B+ which has twin exhausts which run under the car. This gives me too little ground clearance for the local speed bumps, so I need to change it to have side exhausts.

So what do people use? I have a feeling that lots of people use motorbike exhausts because they are loads cheaper than car ones, but are they noisy? I don't really want it to be loud because I'm a bit too old for that. Also, do you get exhaust fumes in the car?

So which ones have other people used for their Duttons?

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Are those silencers under the body or the axle James?

That's rubbish James ,you are never too old for a pair of 3" bore Cherry Bombs ( lovely noise) , your neighbours will love you and will know your coming from 5 miles away , they are so good Steve K  can barely hear them -:))) . Bike exhausts are ok but beware of faulty ones you cant see through because they are blocked up -:))

Thinking alternatives.  As it is the silencers that are the problem, have a nice pair of silencers on each side, but take the tail pipes back inboard and then out the rear. 

Side exhausts do tend to make the ears ring and with the V6 its not only the passenger that cops it :-)


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