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I bought my Phaeton in 2013 and it was in pretty bad nic, no seats, upholstery, the wiring was a mess and the body was a mess. I stripped it back and really worked at it for 2-3 months then life got in the way. yesterday I pulled the covers off it and am determined to finish it over the next few week and have it ready for some sunshine. The running gear is the standard for escort triumph mix and the engine is a 2.0 ford Sierra EFI DOHC, with the gearbox from a honda civic or at least that's what the previous owner told me. To date a lot has been done, upholstery, paint on the main body, all the electrical, new breaks all round - drums, disks, calipers braided hoses and all the suspension bits, including Polly bushes all round. All the removable panels, bumpers, bonnet, boot lid etc... are going to be warped matt black over the next few weeks and i have other thing to source like doors and trim

The pic below is from the day i bought the car and all the pics from the rebuild so far can be seen here on my google drive folder . I will update this thread as I go, hopefully, that will keep me focused on finishing it. 

If anyone can help me identify if I have an S3 or S4 I would be really grateful. 

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S3 bolt on bumper,no bonnet vents,no built in spotlights

Thanks @rob saul. At least now I can go looking for a set of doors for it, although I suspect the S3 and S4 door would probably be the same. Any ideas where I would source a set? I remember there was a company called pollyfacto that made them but the seem to have ceased trading or are trading under http://www.monsooncarhoods.co.uk the phone number seems to be the same 

that is correct.

The guy that ran polyfacto retired and sold out to monsoon
Monsoon have some parts but cant make frames and threw away a lot of the Dutton tooling and jigs
I had a talk with bob from intertrim seats and he will be getting a plastic welder soon due to the demand from the Westfield crowd for sides reens and also talking to the people who originally made them at polyfacto to see if they might be interested
One of the things in looking to bring back for the duttons

I spoke with someone at monsoon this morning and they told me just that. The girl told me they could recover them but couldn't make the frames. I don't have my doors anymore, I gave them to a local company to recover and the went bust and everything went missing and my side panels :(. Have you a timeframe on the above rob?

Maybe I should look into the wire framework. Not hard to fabricate them. But I only have B+ here at present, need to find S3 donor.

The frames are probably easy enough made but I don't weld. But if you did make frames I would definitely be interested in a set and then send them to monsoon to cover. But i would just prefer to buy a set out right and put them on the car 

I have a set of doors that need redoing the frames are there the covering is very old

For an S3 nick? That might work for me mate, what you have to get for them?

Theses ones

That's them nick, same as what came off my S3. I sent you a friend request to chat more. 

All Dutton doors are the same.......


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