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I bought my Phaeton in 2013 and it was in pretty bad nic, no seats, upholstery, the wiring was a mess and the body was a mess. I stripped it back and really worked at it for 2-3 months then life got in the way. yesterday I pulled the covers off it and am determined to finish it over the next few week and have it ready for some sunshine. The running gear is the standard for escort triumph mix and the engine is a 2.0 ford Sierra EFI DOHC, with the gearbox from a honda civic or at least that's what the previous owner told me. To date a lot has been done, upholstery, paint on the main body, all the electrical, new breaks all round - drums, disks, calipers braided hoses and all the suspension bits, including Polly bushes all round. All the removable panels, bumpers, bonnet, boot lid etc... are going to be warped matt black over the next few weeks and i have other thing to source like doors and trim

The pic below is from the day i bought the car and all the pics from the rebuild so far can be seen here on my google drive folder . I will update this thread as I go, hopefully, that will keep me focused on finishing it. 

If anyone can help me identify if I have an S3 or S4 I would be really grateful. 

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Steve I think I still have stripped door frames for S3 back in Bolton. I'll check next week

S3........S4 had integral spoiler s3 has separate spoiler.......

Are s3 an s4 doors the same ? S4 is running lower screen ???
Sorting out people who can manufacture at the moment
I can look tomorrow for you take a picture

I think all dutton doors are the same, I have put my S1 doors along side Melos and they matched... the S4 windscreen was wider at the base but i dont think any taller....my doors certainly look the same as roger barrs eagle p21....


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