Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Seems people have been unable to contact anyone about their bookings. It has been removed from the list of events in the Stoneleigh guide.

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Evening Adrian. Any more news on next weekend yet? Thanks. Liam

All good, we'll be there. The more the merrier. 

we're planning on arriving saturday, what do you guys tend to get up to?

Last year, we went into town (Kenilworth?) to a Chinese on the Saturday night and had a barbeque on Sunday night. Or something like that.

It was bitterly cold on the Saturday night (minus 6C or something) so we stayed in the marquee with a patio heater blazing until midnight. I got up at 6am with ice on the inside of my tent. Most people were up by 7am on the Sunday and it was a beautiful morning. The Sunday night was much warmer. We were mostly too old to want to go to the entertainment so I think we sat around in the marquee with a few beers or went for a walk around the other car clubs.

On the Monday, after decamping, I did the show and bought as much as I could carry. Then it started to rain and everyone went home.

This year I am intending to come in a little old tin top and probably camp on Sunday night, so that I can do the show on the Monday (my back seems to be a lot better now). I think it is expected to be windy on Saturday night and wet on Sunday night, so it could be fun.

I don't think that I will be able to come in a Dutton this year because I still haven't finished refitting the head to the Legerra - the inlet manifold is off, as is the cam cover and the thermostat and the tappets need adjusting. Then there are a number of other things needed, like changing the wheels to my road ones and polishing the car. Also I don't think that it will be a good idea to camp.

I went back to work this week but my back is still pretty sore and I am being very careful not to do anything heavy. I could possibly come in the Rickman but its diff is getting quite noisy, so I will probably come in a tin top and have to pay to get in. I'm not sure that I will be able to go around the show because I can't walk for 10 minutes without getting a lot of pain in my leg.

I am gutted. I so look forward to Stoneleigh.


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