Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Seems people have been unable to contact anyone about their bookings. It has been removed from the list of events in the Stoneleigh guide.

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That is rather unfair, Daryl. When I was trying to get people interested in the Kit Car Action day at Castle Combe, I tried to phone everyone within 50 miles who had been a member of the club in the last 5 years - about 40 people. 15 of them had changed their phone number or it was wrong, 7 had sold their Dutton, of the rest, only 2 people had a roadworthy car but 1 of them was already 'busy' that day. The other person, who is a committee member, turned up. We also had one other person come from Peterborough.

With only 3 working Duttons known to the club within 50 miles, then we are not going to get a lot of support for events.

There were only ever ~7000 Duttons made, about 2/3rds of which have never been registered with the club. The last Dutton was nearly 30 years ago. You know better than most about how many get destroyed each year, with ID theft and dismantling for Escort parts. The club is shrinking and the owners are aging and the cars are disappearing, all of which lead to fewer cars turning up at events.

There have been little pockets of active owners in a few places, like the Northern Duttoneers, but with the club having about as many members as there are cities in the UK, then clusters are not the norm. The Facebook group now has 200 members but with 94000 sq miles of the UK, then each has an average area of 470 sq miles.

I could organise a piss-up at a brewery, and I have done in the past, but if I try to get Duttons to a local kit car show - that is almost impossible. That is why I am also a member of a local kit car club.

Whilst Daryl's words may seem unfair he's right, just look at the picture DA has posted of the Dutton stand. It used to be packed out and people struggled to park, that picture looks a bit barren.

It's not really the club that are doing things any more but a few enthusiastic dutton owners, some of whom might also be club members, that are doing things. A few committee members who refused to go or could not be budged have strangled the club pretty much to death. The active part of the dutton community should really be called the dutton owners on ning club! and some of them have left for facebook :(

There were a few more cars than that picture shows. To the left of Danny was Jayne Chisnall's Melos, Liam's 4.6v8 Malaga and Pete Loynes V6 Melos, then we had a red V6 Phaeton that came both days and the Pegrum Phaeton. So there were another 7 or 8 Duttons at the peak on the Sunday and a couple fewer on the Monday. So probably 20 different Duttons there at one time or another. There were quite a few owners who came to see us on foot, like Rob Saul and Pete Brown.

James, 15 - 20 cars per day is a poor turnout when, not too many years ago, it was 50 per day. You have to face the uncomfortable truth that the 'club' is all but dead and has been for a while. The does not mean the Dutton community is dead just the club.

Facebook, or this site, are fine for chatting and to have a community, which is especially useful when we are all so spread out across the country.The trouble there are some things that a Facebook page can't do - it can't act as an authority for provenance or to verify identities and it can't represent its members to the authorities during consultations on law changes. Those are the things that only a recognised club with a membership (that legitimises it) can do.

I stand by my words James ,This year unfortunately I was unable to go but I understand there is a new Chairman ,great, this one will kill the club off , this is the same person who moaned that club emails were spamming his email inbox , the previous chairman did untold damage to the club with lack of interest and answer email and now there is  another one , I'm glad I am no longer involved . The Owners Club needs a bloody good kick up  its arse to  join the 21st century by getting rid of dead wood who insist in staying in the 19th ,there are too many committee members who do nothing whatsoever to even push the club forward ,it needs more like Rob , outspoken etc where a spades a spade All of the committee ne to be active on the forums not just 3 or4 and that goes for the Chairman also. 

my 2p worth. It needs a Dutton Club Website. These satellite sites are good or not so good at reporting the facts of the club. Still no financial accounts produced? say's it all really, full circle.

That is pretty much what was agreed at the AGM......

But which part Dave

club needs a working website and working forum (along the lines of MrG's was a suggestion) all links to satellite forum sites to be removed or made harder to find.....

club accounts to be published ( Roger has had a fair amount personal stuff in his life just now) but says they will be completed within a month, he did have a fair idea of all the monies the club holds.

Club subs to be set as agreed last year but not implemented (for which there was no reason given......) £18. this is because the running costs of the club such as they are sightly exceeds its income. membership (paid up members) is in the region of 100 members

I agree with a lot of what you say there Daryl.

What I find difficult as Editor is that it takes quite a lot of work to produce a magazine, and it has to fit in with family and work and health and with actually doing car things. So it tends to be done in fits and starts. But other people are also juggling their lives and often they are not able to respond promptly when I want information or corrections. So then the magazine gets delayed. Then some of the stuff becomes out of date, events change from future to the past, so it all needs redoing.

An online system could allow articles to be posted as soon as they were ready and upcoming events to be publicised as soon as they were decided. But many people think that we still need a paper magazine and that it is what 'makes the club'. Maybe if we did the online thing we should just bind together all of the articles from the last year into a chronicle and send it out in the spring, so that people who can't/won't use technology are catered for.


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