Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

Morning all.
Does anyone know where the Dutton pitch or where anyone is meeting etc? Someone mentioned there was a map? I'm travelling up tomorrow (Sunday) for the day and would like to meet as many people as possible as I've still never really seem another Dutton! My plan is to get there for 930 as the gates open.

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same pitch as always....it will be on the programme you get at the show. easy to find.......

ps.....i plan to be there tomorrow as well.

We are on the edge of the clubs area almost but not off the beaten track or tucked out of the way.
If you have an odd hour its worth a wander through all the club area you fill probably find the odd Dutton scattered around that do t go on the club stand an a few oddities to raise your eyebrows
Ok gents, cheers for the info. Is it ok to park in the club area as a member?
We are that nice we even let none members park there !

we plan to get there around lunch time tomorrow also

Got the mould ( well at least on the list I was given) having a sort out with the laminator at the moment


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