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Took a 205 Pinto engine out of the Malaga and replaced with a 202  Pinto that I have rebuilt-:) put the 205 alternator bracket on the 202 ,now the bloody alternator wont fit ,It belt the bracket one side and the steering column the other , everything is the right way up  any ideas

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I'm seeing the 202 block as Escort RS Cosworth. If that's right then the engine mount pads could be different. What clearance do you have between sump and ground? does it look different to when you had the 205 in?

about 6" BV but its an alloy sump so not sure if they are shorter over the steel one

The RS alloy sump is 1.5 to 2 inches shallower than the steel one. RS alloy engine mounts will also cause the engine to be lower. I used a shorter fan belt but that means having to slacken or remove all the alternator bolts to change the belt. 

One option would be to swap the engine mounts left to right as they are unequal however that could cause other issues. Fitting two 'long' mounts would lift the engine a little but might also have knock on effects.

You could adapt the alternator bracket, swap to a steel one from a crossflow maybe even make a custom one, that'll tuck the base of the alternator closer into the engine. The other alternative is a denso mini sized alternator.

Mounts have not changed position neither has the bracket and it fitted last week so why not now

Being unable to 'stick my head' in the engine bay to look at the problem directly I cannot offer much else except to state the 'obvious' - if you have the very same engine mounts and alternator/ bracket that was on the 205 block when it was in the chassis then the only thing that appears to have changed is the block. As said previously everything I have indicates the 202 to be Escort  Cosworth/Motorsport block so there could be subtle differences between the two blocks. Is there a part number on the block something like 84HM- 6015-**?

I thought the 202 block was ford transit ?
Sure you haven't picked a rouge part up by mistake ?
Refit It all back onto the 205 an check it goes together there


Are you using Anglia engine mounts? If so are they the right way up? Wrong way up and the engine drops about two inches depending on how old/perished they are. This might put the alternator nearer to the steering column and thus limit movement as you are experiencing. (and yes its easy to get them upside down by mistake)

No BV they are new Defender mounts similar to Ford and same thickness  

Escort type with round bobbin rubber mount and these were what was on the 205?

Hmm got me stumped.

The problem stems from the upper steering column which has been forced in at totally the wrong angle ,so much so that it has actually bent the section  of column 


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