Dutton Kit Cars and their owners

30th of April 2012 see the last day of www.thenorthernduttoneers.com after 15 months it will all be gone. Why? because Mircosoft Office Live is changing to Office 365, and asking for £6.99 per month to migrate and continue to use the site on the new business package. No good for what we have used the site for.

I have downloaded the contents to build a new site in the near future, but for now it will be deleted by Microsoft at midnight on the 30th, if you want any of the contents e.g. Tips, build diaries, or photos please feel free to copy them.

We will keep you all informed of things we are up to in the North, through the forum on here. I have retained the domain name www.thenorthernduttoneers.com so the site will be back, in the meantime you can contact us here or direct at thenorthernduttoneers@ntlworld.com . Thanks for your support over the last 15 months and Thanks for read about our adventures.

The Northern Duttoneers.

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It needs to be a platform (is that the right word) like this, that is very much self contained, will do everything we want and  will not take up too much of any one persons time once set up.

I run a Ning site the same as this, for a group of Friday night drinking buddies, but am not good enough with this sort of stuff to do anything more involved, I get to the point where I am giving flying lessons to the laptop !!!



Buddypress is a pretty mature open source social network plugin for Wordpress developed by the group behind Wordpress. With the help of a few additional off the shelf plugins it will do everything Ning does and more. I've been getting quite familiar with its workings recently because I'm using it as the base for something I'm working on at work.

Have a quick peek at the feature list on http://buddypress.org/ - I'd be happy to set it up for us, and from there, whoever wants to be an admin can change the content, settings, moderate etc without any web experience just like ning. I can't spend hours writing a completely new theme or custom plugins for it, but there's no need, everything we would need is already written. :-)

Just a thought. Oh, and it allows you to import users, forums, wall comments etc from a ning site, so we could keep everything on here.


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